Sick of the high-priced printing? So are we. We have figured out the best way to cut the printing cost with the same printing quality. Prepress file preparation takes a lot of time. In the new age of digital design, prepress work looks really easy. But making sure your files are print ready takes more time and effort then you think. Let us do the work for you at a fraction of the big press wage.


During the first steps of printing, your original branding and artwork is created by  graphic designers and artists. This artwork may include the text and images for brochures, business cards, window banners, catalogs, flyers, car magnets, magazines, and more. The artwork is usually sent electronically and then scanned and entered into a computer for layout for amazing quality printing.

The Setup

In the second steps of printing, the design is first converted to a film and what the letterpress printers call plates. Once film negatives are created from digital files, and the images from the negatives are transferred to the printing plates, the plates are exposed to light, which creates a chemical reaction to transfer the image from the negative to the plate. Plates are created for each ink color (four-color process). This is to ensure the BEST possible quality of print!


The final print product is reviewed and inspected for any flaws or errors. You will never have a product that isn’t up to industry standard. The final product will be shipped to your business or can be picked up at Hope Media.

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